GOMA’s Summer Show – ‘Falling Back to Earth’ – Artlink Review

Screen shot 2014-04-18 at 7.45.15 PM

Detail of Head On, 2006 by Cai Guo-Qiang


Photo by Christina Lowry

Here’s my Artlink review of the summer show at GOMA (that’s closing May 11th).

I was glad to have the opportunity to comment in print on this show because the work is mainly about spectacle. And while it treats an important subject – the environmental crisis – my experience of the art itself left me pretty much unmoved.

That so many people have been wowed by this exhibition: that’s interesting.

Have a read and I’d welcome comments from any and all of you.

Here’s the review: Cai Guo-Qiang at GOMA

Link to GOMA’s website: http://www.qagoma.qld.gov.au/exhibitions/current/cai_guo-qiang

1 thought on “GOMA’s Summer Show – ‘Falling Back to Earth’ – Artlink Review

  1. Hi Carol I agree – Lame show at GOMA, Lame-o. Imagine the cost. Having a ball over in Germany. Painting still has some respect here They run a good programme and we are meeting lots of artists, curators etc. I’ve attached a couple of shots for interests sake. All the best Stefan

    Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2014 10:05:28 +0000 To: stefandunlop@bigpond.com

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