I know. You’ve seen it all.

You know a lot about art and culture and you have your own opinions based on your own way of seeing the world. You’re a curious, intelligent person looking for something to float your boat on a ho-hum day, eager to drift down different currents.

Well, that’s why Brutus and I are here. I encountered Brutus the alligator while sitting in a bayou boat, touring the wet and the swamp just outside New Orleans. I sat in the boat and watched Brutus devour marshmallows and raw hot dogs.

I was meeting Mystery and Power. Brutus held me fascinated down to my very bones. He launched me into a reality of awe and otherness and I loved it. I’m not sure how often art can still do that on such a raw, unmediated basis. But I keep looking for it to happen… and every once in a while that kind of art resurfaces for me and I need to talk about it.

About me:



photo by M. Zarsky

I’ve been writing about the visual arts, culture and the environment since the mid-nineties. At first, I contributed New York reviews regularly to magazines like New Art Examiner, Art Papers and zingmagazine. Then I went on to write for and edit my own online arts journal WBURG.com from 2003-2006.

After 25 years in NYC, I made the move to southeast Queensland from Williamsburg. I fell in love with Australia’s flora and fauna, its culture and its art history. By that time I was ready to be freed up from Calvinism, Clement Greenberg and purely Eurocentric values. I like being positioned on the Earth from a different vantage point: here the moon appears differently, and so does humanity.

I continue to write for Sculpture, Artlink, Art Monthly Australia, Art & Australia, The Brooklyn Rail and The Journal of Australian Ceramics, and for exhibition essays and catalogues. This past June, I created a blog for the eco-ephemeral arts and cultural festival Lines in the Sand 2013 on Stradbroke Island that can be accessed at linesstradbroke@wordpress.comLines in the Sand is an amazing, annual meeting of artists, craftspeople, environmentalists, Native Title holders and other folks interested in celebrating and caring for Nature and the beauty of Stradbroke Island. Learn more here:



Carol Schwarzman


July 2017



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